Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Health Assurance vs Medical Insurance

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Most people believe that genetics or bad luck gave them diseases for which the only treatments are drugs and surgeries. As a result, organized medicine will sell in excess of  three-trillion-dollars worth of drugs and surgeries in 2013.

Drugs and surgeries are obviously not the solution to our medical problems; each year MORE, not fewer people die slowly (and expensively) from pharmaceutically and surgically-treated diseases. 

The good news is you now have a choice.

 The Law of Health and Disease
Just as there is the Law of Gravity, Law of Relativity and Law of Attraction there is also the Law of Health and Disease.

Unfortunately, the Law of Health and Disease is not taken into consideration nor is it being factored in to diagnosis, prognosis, medical treatment plans and procedures by the medical mainstream and many times the alternative health care community.

Neglecting this simple Law of Health and Disease is the major contributor to the current health care crisis facing this nation. The numbers being diagnosed and suffering with degenerative diseases continue to rise. Increase in the costs of treating these so-called diseases also continues to rise. Little has been accomplished through the practice of medicine or through the many current unethical research programs taking place.

Isn't it time to take a more logical approach?

Science has given us the proof that the human body was Created perfectly. It was really fairly simple. The body was created to have specific elements, minerals and enzymes available in the proper ratio, the correct form and in sufficient supply to create the optimum internal environment. An internal environment that would not [ and could not ] host any disease.

ANY body can heal itself of ANY disease within a very short period of time, once this knowledge is applied, and  is the very natural, simple, safe, effective and affordable solution for billions.

Today is the day we truly reform the health care system in this country and around the world.  Soon there will be no reason to give thought to dis-ease but only to simply enjoy good health. 

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