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Is Big Pharma working with medical mainstream to harm your children?

"The story of how government health agencies colluded with Big Pharma to hide the risks of thimerosal from the public is a chilling case study of institutional arrogance, power and greed. I was drawn into the controversy only reluctantly. As an attorney and environmentalist who has spent years working on issues of mercury toxicity, I frequently met mothers of autistic children who were absolutely convinced that their kids had been injured by vaccines. Privately, I was skeptical. I doubted that autism could be blamed on a single source, and I certainly understood the government's need to reassure parents that vaccinations are safe; the eradication of deadly childhood diseases depends on it. I tended to agree with skeptics like Rep. Henry Waxman, a Democrat from California, who criticized his colleagues on the House Government Reform Committee for leaping to conclusions about autism and vaccinations. "Why should we scare people about immunization," Waxman pointed out at one hearing, "until we know the facts?"

It was only after reading the Simpsonwood transcripts, studying the leading scientific research and talking with many of the nation's preeminent authorities on mercury that I became convinced that the link between thimerosal and the epidemic of childhood neurological disorders is real." ~ Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

For more information Please Visit: The Autism Mercury Vaccine Connection

Other Sites with Helpful information for parents:
AnnyBelle Foundation

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Independent Research Group: Big Profits in Biowarfare Research

Big Profits in Biowarfare Research

Corporate America's Deadliest Secret

A number of major pharmaceutical corporations and biotech firms are
concealing the nature of the biological warfare research work they are
doing for the U.S. government.

Since their funding comes from the National Institutes of Health, the
recipients are obligated under NIH guidelines to make their activities
public. Not disclosing their ops raises the suspicion they may be
engaged in forbidden kinds of germ warfare research.

According to the Sunshine Project, a nonprofit arms control watchdog
operating out of Austin, Texas, among corporations holding back
information about their activities are:

Abbott Laboratories, BASF Plant Science, Bristol-Myers Squibb, DuPont
Central Research and Development, Eli Lilly Corp., Embrex,
GlaxoSmithKline, Hoffman-LaRoche, Merck & Co., Monsanto, Pfizer Inc.,
Schering-Plough Research Institute, and Syngenta Corp. of Switzerland.

In case you didn't know it, the White House since 9/11 has called for
spending $44-billion on biological warfare research, a sum
unprecedented in world history, and an obliging Congress has
authorized it.

Thus, some of the deadliest pathogens known to humankind are being
rekindled in hundreds of labs in pharmaceutical houses, university
biology departments, and on military bases.

An international convention the U.S. signed forbids it to stockpile,
manufacture or use biological weapons. But if the U.S. won't say
what's going down in those laboratories other countries are going to
assume the worst and a biowarfare arms race will be on, if it isn't

Sunshine says failure to disclose operations also puts corporate
employees involved in this work at risk. Only 8,500, or 16%, of the
52,000 workers employed at the top 20 U.S. biotech firms work at an
NIH guidelines-compliant company, Sunshine says.

Francis Boyle, an international law authority at the University of
Illinois, Champaign, says pursuant to national strategy directives
adopted by Bush in 2002, the Pentagon "is now gearing up to fight and
win' biological warfare without prior public knowledge and review."
Boyle said the Pentagon's Chemical and Biological Defense Program was
revised in 2003 to endorse "first-use" strike in war. Boyle said the
program includes Red Teaming, which he described as "plotting,
planning, and scheming how to use biowarfare."

Besides the big pharmaceutical houses, the biowarfare buildup is
getting an enthusiastic response from academia, which sees new funds
flowing from Washington's horn of plenty. "American universities have
a long history of willingly permitting their research agenda,
researchers, institutes and laboratories to be co-opted, corrupted,
and perverted by the Pentagon and the CIA," Boyle says.

What's more, the Bush administration is pouring billions in biowarfare
research while some very real killers, such as influenza, are not
being cured.

In 2006, the NIH got $120 million to combat influenza, which kills
about 36,000 Americans annually but it got $1.76 billion for
biodefense, much of it spent to research anthrax. How many people has
anthrax killed lately? Well, let's see, there were those five people
killed in the mysterious attacks on Congress of October, 2001 ---
attacks that suspiciously emanated from a government laboratory at
Fort Detrick, Md.

One would think the FBI might apprehend the perpetrator whose attack
shut down the Congress of the United States but nearly six years have
gone by and it hasn't caught anybody. Seem a bit odd to you? Some
folks suspect the anthrax attack was an inside job to panic the
country into a huge biowarfare buildup to "protect" America from

Milton Leitenberg, of the University of Maryland's School of Public
Policy, though, says the risk of terrorists and nonstate actors using
biological agents against the U.S. "has been systematically and
deliberately exaggerated" by administration scare-mongering.

And molecular biologist Jonathan King of Massachusetts Institute of
Technology says, "the Bush administration launched a major program
which threatens to put the health of our people at far greater risk
than the hazard to which they claimed to have been responding." King
added President Bush's policies "do not increase the security of the
American people" but "bring new risk to our population of the most
appalling kind."

In the absence of any credible foreign threat, Sunshine's Hammond
said, "Our biowarfare research is defending ourselves from ourselves.
It's a dog chasing its tail." Sadly, it looks more and more every day
like a mad dog.

Sherwood Ross has worked as a reporter for major dailies and wire
services. Reach him at



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FDA accepts comment until April 30, 2007

Public, professional and industry comments are being accepted on the
FDA proposal to "capture" alternative procedures and products as
"medicine" and then make them illegal. The history of these
repressive attacks by the FDA makes it clear that public outcry,
IN HUGE NUMBERS, is the only effective tool that natural health
supporters have to change this disastrous outcome. Comments will be
accepted until April 30. By contacting everyone you can reach to ask
for their participation in this comment campaign, we can kill this
assault on personal health freedom.

This new proposal is designed to redefine every complementary and
alternative health care modality and product as "medicine." This has
direct implications on the services and products provided by every
alternative health care professional. There is no facet of
complementary and alternative health care that is not affected.

Essential oils, herbs, herbal remedies, homeopathic remedies,
minerals, nutritional supplements, plant enzymes and vitamins are
redefined in this proposal as "medicine." Very simply, medicine is
under the jurisdiction of the FDA and, by law, only licensed medical
doctors may prescribe "medicines." Anybody else who advises,
advocates, counsels, distributes, markets, recommends or suggests
anybody use "medicine" is practicing medicine without a license. This
is a felony in the USA punishable by fines and incarceration.

This subtle change of vocabulary from "alternative health care" to
"alternative medicine" makes all of these industries subject to
control by the FDA as medicine. Only medical doctors would be allowed
to provide, prescribe and supervise the delivery of these services.
Anybody else who provided any of these services would be practicing
medicine without a license and subject to incarceration and fines.

Natural Solutions Foundation has a form letter that you send or edit
Click on Take Action Now on the left of the page
Link to the actual FDA docket - click on htm
Link is also up on HHA Breaking News!

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Food and Drug Administration
[Docket No. 2006D-0480]

[Federal Register: February 27, 2007 (Volume 72, Number 38)]
[Page 8756-8757]
From the Federal Register Online via GPO Access []

Food and Drug Administration
[Docket No. 2006D-0480]

Draft Guidance for Industry on Complementary and Alternative
Medicine Products and Their Regulation by the Food and Drug
Administration; Availability

AGENCY: Food and Drug Administration, HHS.

ACTION: Notice.
SUMMARY: The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is announcing the
availability of a draft guidance for industry entitled ``Complementary
and Alternative Medicine Products and Their Regulation by the Food\\ and
Drug Administration.'' In recent years, the practice of complementary
and alternative medicine (CAM) has increased in the United States, and
we have seen increased confusion as to whether certain products used in
CAM are subject to regulation under the Federal Food, Drug, and
Cosmetic Act (the act) or Public Health Service Act (PHS Act). We have
also seen an increase in the number of CAM products imported into the
United States. Therefore, the draft guidance discusses when a CAM
product is subject to the act or the PHS Act.

DATES: Submit written or electronic comments on the draft guidance by
April 30, 2007. General comments on agency guidance documents are
welcome at any time.

ADDRESSES: Submit written requests for single copies of the draft guidance to the:

Office of Communication, Training, and Manufacturers Assistance (HFM-40),
Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research,
Food and Drug Administration,
1401 Rockville Pike, suite 200N
Rockville, MD 20852-1448.

Send one self-addressed adhesive label to assist that
office in processing your requests. Submit written comments on the
draft guidance to the:

Division of Dockets Management (HFA-305), Food
and Drug Administration,
5630 Fishers Lane, rm. 1061,
Rockville, MD 20852.

Submit electronic comments to:

See the SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION section for electronic
access to the draft guidance document.

Philip L. Chao, Office of Policy and Planning (HF-23),
Food and Drug Administration,
5600 Fishers Lane,
Rockville, MD 20857


I. Background

FDA is announcing the availability of a draft guidance for industry
entitled ``Complementary and Alternative Medicine Products and Their
Regulation by the Food and Drug Administration.'' The term
``complementary and alternative medicine'' (CAM) encompasses a wide
array of health care practices, products, and therapies that are
distinct from practices, products, and therapies used in
``conventional'' or ``allopathic'' medicine.

In the United States, the practice of CAM has risen dramatically in
recent years. In 1992, Congress established the Office of
Unconventional Therapies, which later became the Office of Alternative
Medicine (OAM), to explore ``unconventional medical practices.'' In
1998, OAM became the National Center for Complementary and Alternative
Medicine (NCCAM). NCCAM is a center within the National Institutes of
Health. The Institute of Medicine, in its book entitled, Complementary
and Alternative Medicine in the United States, stated that more than
one-third of American adults reported using some form of CAM and that
visits to CAM providers each year exceed those to primary care
physicians (see Institute of Medicine, Complementary and Alternative
Medicine in the United States, pages 34 through 35 (2005)).

As the practice of CAM has increased in the United States, we have
seen increased confusion as to whether certain products used in CAM
(which, for convenience, we will refer to as ``CAM products'') are
subject to regulation under the act or the PHS Act. We have also seen
an increase in the number of CAM products imported into the United
States. Therefore, the draft guidance discusses when a CAM product is
subject to the act or the PHS Act. (When the draft guidance mentions a
particular CAM therapy, practice, or product, it does so in order to
provide background information or to serve as an example or
illustration; any mention of a particular CAM therapy, practice, or
product should not be construed as expressing FDA's support for or
endorsement of that particular CAM therapy, practice, or product or,
unless specified otherwise, as an agency determination that a
particular product [[Page 8757]] is safe and effective for its intended
uses or is safe for use.) The draft guidance makes the following two

First, depending on the CAM therapy or practice, a product
used in a CAM therapy or practice may be subject to regulation as a
biological product, cosmetic, drug, device, or food (including food
additives and dietary supplements) under the act or the PHS Act.

Second, neither the act nor the PHS Act exempts CAM
products from regulation.

This draft guidance is being issued consistent with FDA's good
guidance practices regulation (21 CFR 10.115). The draft guidance, when
finalized, will represent the agency's current thinking on the
regulation of complementary and alternative medicine products by FDA.
It does not create or confer any rights for or on any person and does
not operate to bind FDA or the public. An alternative approach may be
used if such approach satisfies the requirements of the applicable
statutes and regulations.

II. Comments

Interested persons may submit to the Division of Dockets Management
(see ADDRESSES) written or electronic comments regarding this document.
Submit a single copy of electronic comments or two paper copies of any
mailed comments, except that individuals may submit one paper copy.
Comments are to be identified with the docket number found in brackets
in the heading of this document. Received comments may be seen in the
Division of Dockets Management between 9 a.m. and 4


FDA attempting to regulate supplements,
herbs and juices as "drugs" printable article
Originally published April 11 2007
Health freedom action alert: FDA attempting to regulate supplements,
herbs and juices as "drugs"
by Mike Adams

When it comes to health freedom, this is the FDA's end game. A new
FDA "guidance" document, published on the FDA's website, reveals
plans to reclassify virtually all vitamins, supplements, herbs and
even vegetable juices as FDA-regulated drugs. Massage oils and
massage rocks will be classified as "medical devices" and require FDA
approval. The document is called Docket No. 2006D-0480. Draft
Guidance for Industry on Complementary and Alternative Medicine
Products and Their Regulation by the Food and Drug Administration.

The FDA is accepting public comments on the docket until April 30th.
They tried to sneak this under the radar, but word got out and now
the natural health community is up in arms over this rule. If you
wish to protect your access to nutritional supplements, herbs,
essential oils, homeopathic medicine or any other "complementary"
or "alternative" modality, it is crucial that you take action to post
your comments with the FDA right now and write your representatives
in Washington to put a stop to this outrageous effort to destroy
natural medicine. (And be sure to really write them. Just sending an
email has virtually no impact compared to writing a physical letter
in your own words.)

Click here for the direct link to the FDA's comment posting page for
this docket.

This move by the FDA is designed to once and for all destroy the 1994
DSHEA law that has made supplements "legal" while eliminating
nutritional supplements and natural medicine from the United States,
ensuring monopoly profits and control by drug companies and the FDA.
It is the latest action item by the FDA / Big Pharma conspiracy that
will not stop until health freedom has been abolished, drug companies
rule the nation, and every citizen is diagnosied with a fictitious
disease and drugged up on monopoly-priced pharmaceuticals.

FDA "experts" will decide what's a drug or medical device
Under these proposed guidelines, FDA "experts" (the same corrupt
officials who reapproved Vioxx after it killed over 50,000 Americans)
will decide whether herbs, supplements, vitamins or simple devices
like massage stones are to be regulated as drugs and medical devices.
If the FDA experts, in their infinite wisdom, decide that these
things are to be reclassified, they will essentially be outlawed,
stripped from the shelves, and regulated out of existence. Anyone who
dares to manufacture, promote or sell such products may be branded a
criminal and rounded up by armed FDA agents who have a well
established history of suppressing natural medicine.

I've documented much of the criminal history of the FDA in my recent
book, Natural Health Solutions and the Conspiracy to Keep You From
Knowing About Them, which suddenly seems even more relevant today
than when I wrote it. In that book, I documented the FDA ordered book
burnings, the raids on vitamin shops, the kidnapping of natural
health practitioners, the threats, intimidation and oppression
tactics that have been used to suppress natural medicine for nearly a
hundred years now. And now, with this CAM Products Regulation effort,
the FDA is about to deal a final, fatal blow to the alternative
medicine industry, outlawing nutritional supplements, functional
foods, homeopathy and natural therapies all at once.

This is not a drill. It really is time to be alarmed. Nothing else
I've written about this year is as important as this sinister plot to
destroy natural medicine and force the American population to resort
to dangerous prescription medications sold at monopoly prices under a
system of medical tyranny.

Your access to vitamins, supplements, herbs, and even energy medicine
modalities is now directly threatened, and you have until April 30 to
make your voice heard.

Action items
First, read the document yourself. Click here for the PDF version.

Take special care to notice the following text, taken directly from
the FDA's own document: (italicized text is from the FDA, with my own
translation following)

"...a product used in a CAM therapy or practice may be subject to
regulation as a biological product, cosmetic, drug, device, or food
(including food additives and dietary supplements) under the act or
the PHS Act. Second, neither the act nor the PHS Act exempts CAM
products from regulation."

Translation: Anything used in any system of medicine may now be
regulated as a drug or medical device by the FDA. This includes a
biofeedback machine, acupuncture needles, a cup of herbal tea,
massage oil, a glass of vegetable juice or even a bottle of water.

"...if a person decides to produce and sell raw vegetable juice for
use in juice therapy to promote optimal health... [and] if the juice
therapy is intended for use as part of a disease treatment regimen
instead of for the general wellness, the vegetable juice would also
be subject to regulation as a drug under the Act."

Translation: Raw vegetable juice will be regulated as a drug and must
be FDA approved as a drug if it has any health effect whatsoever.
Handing a cup of raw vegetable juice to someone and telling them it's
good for the detoxification of their liver will get you arrested for
practicing medicine without a license and promoting an "unapproved

..."biologically based practices" includes, but is not limited to,
botanicals, animal-derived extracts, vitamins, minerals, fatty acids,
amino acids, proteins, prebiotics and probiotics: whole diets,
and "functional foods". ...a botanical product intended for use in
treating a disease would generally be regulated as a
drug." ..."functional foods" may be subject to FDA regulation as
foods, dietary supplements, or drugs under the Act.

Translation: All foods, supplements, superfoods and functional foods
may be reclassified as drugs by the FDA, then regulated off the

If... the manipulative and body-based practices involve the use of
equipment (such as massage devices) or the application of a product
(such as a lotion, cream, or oil) to the skin or other parts of the
body, those products may be subject to regulation under the Act."

Translation: Massage oils and creams will be regulated as "drugs" and
acupuncture needles as "medical devices." Taking this absurdity one
step further, massage therapists who use their fingers to touch
patients may have their fingers regulated as "medical devices" and be
accused of practicing medicine for merely touching patients.

Things that will be regulated out of existence
It is very clear that the FDA is intending to regulate and ultimately
destroy the entire CAM industry (Complementary and Alternative
Medicine). Based on the explanations in the FDA's own document, the
following things are likely to occur:

All vitamins, nutritional supplements and functional foods will be
stripped of their structure & function claims, reducing them to empty
labels where virtually nothing at all is allowed to be stated.

Vegetable juice will be regulated as a drug. Raw juice retreats will
be raided or shut down.

Growing and selling common garden herbs will get you arrested as a
drug dealer.

Massage oils and handheld massagers will be regulated as "medical

Yoga props, pilates machines and weight machines will be regulated
as "medical devices" and require FDA approval before being sold or

Raw sprouts and other anti-cancer foods will be regulated as drugs.

Bottled water that "treats" dehydration will be regulated as a drug.

Massage therapists who use hot rocks as part of their therapy will
have the ROCKS regulated as medical devices! (It's true. The FDA will
actually look at a pile of rocks and declare, "Those are medical

Functional foods, supplements, vitamins and homeopathic remedies will
disappear from store shelves, pending FDA "review." (The only things
remaining will be processed junk foods and pharmaceuticals, which is
exactly what Big Business wants.)

Therapeutic tea products, such as green tea, will be outlawed and

Vitamin store owners will be arrested and prosecuted for "practicing
medicine without a license."

Citizens owning personal inventories of "unapproved drugs" (vitamins
and herbs) may have their homes raided at gunpoint and their
inventories confiscated by armed law enforcement agents.

The importation of herbs and functional foods from all countries may
be banned.

Keep in mind that the FDA is the same agency that:

Wants to label irradiated foods as "pasteurized."

Voted to put the deadly drug Vioxx back on the market after tens of
thousands of deaths, even after its own manufacurer pulled it from

Raided a church at gunpoint, confiscating biofeedback machines and
charging that they were "practicing medicine" by counseling church
members on issues like depression.

Openly allows corrupt, "on the take" experts to vote on new drug
approvals, even when those experts are taking money from the same
companies impacted by their votes.

Refuses to legalize stevia, the safe, natural herbal sweetener that's
used virtually everywhere else in the world. The agenda? Protect the
profits of aspartame and other chemical sweeteners.

Openly allows the mass poisoning of the public with cancer-causing
food additives such as sodium nitrite.

Refuses to enforce its own laws regarding unsafe chemical toxins in
personal care products, allowing perfume and lotion companies to
continue poisoning the public with cancer-causing chemicals that
don't even have to be listed on the label, nor proven safe.

Ordered the destruction of recipe books that mentioned stevia. (A
campaign to keep the public ignorant of the herb.)

Does everything in its power to protect drug company profits,
including discrediting herbs, supplements and alternative medicine.

Does anyone honestly believe that this criminal organization has any
capacity whatsoever to act in the public interest? Even many Senators
are fed up with the FDA's unprecedented level of corruption and
criminal behavior.

Action items, continued...
Read Jon Barron's comments on this rule at the website

Next, lodge your complaint against the FDA by commenting on this
docket through the FDA's docket comment form.

And finally, write your Senator or Congressperson about this issue
and let them know, in blatant language, that you will not stand by
and allow the criminals running medicine today to take away your
access to vitamins, supplements, herbs and homeopathic medicine.
Write the letter in your own words, even if it's just two sentences.
Individual letters have a hundred times the impact of form letters.

Medical wasteland USA
Everything is at stake here. If the FDA gets its way, the United
States will become a medical wasteland, dominated by corporate drug
company interests, where the naturopaths are imprisoned and their
products destroyed. Supplements and herbs will become contraband, and
gardeners who grow their own medicinal herbs may be raided and
arrested by DEA agents wielding assault rifles. Simply selling dried
broccoli sprouts as being "good anti-cancer foods" may land you in
prison, and running a vitamin shop could result in you being arrested
for "practicing medicine."

Imagine a nation where Whole Foods stores are stripped of all herbs
and supplements, where vitamin shops are emptied and abandoned, where
books that promote herbs are bulldozed into large piles and burned,
where natural healers are rounded up and "disappeared" into
incarceration centers. This is the future that will become reality if
the FDA has its way. The plan has been explained to us in plain
language. Any agency that openly states "vegetable juice will be
regulated as a drug" has quite simply lost its marbles. We're are now
clearly being regulated by clinically insane bureaucrats.

With this desperate proposal by the FDA -- clearly designed as a last-
ditch effort to save the failing conventional medical industry from a
massive public shift towards natural medicine -- the war against
health freedom has reached our shores, and the FDA is plotting a 9/11-
style attack to bring down the towers of health freedom in one swift

This is the same agency that currently represents the greatest threat
to the health and safety of the American people, far outweighing the
threat of real terrorism. This agency, we have seen, will do ANYTHING
to protect the profits and power of drug companies. It will lie,
steal, accept bribes, hide scientific evidence, distort statistics,
commit scientific fraud, break federal laws, threaten its own drug
safety scientists, conspire with drug company executives, intimidate
American citizens and use terror-style tactics to achieve its goals
of complete domination over foods, drugs and health.

Why do Americans tolerate terrorism in their own government?

It is time we put a stop to this home-grown tyranny. We have fought
too hard for freedom in the United States to allow us all to be
steamrolled by a criminal front group covertly working for Big
Pharma. The FDA has declared war on natural medicine and the American
people, and we will lose our family members, children, brothers and
sisters as casualties of this war if we don't stand up now and demand
radical changes. It's time to stop this terrorist organization from
destroying the lives of yet more U.S. citizens.

Make your voice heard now, or forever surrender your access to
supplements, herbs, superfoods and functional foods. By the time the
FDA is done with this country, we'll all be eating medication for
breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Action reminders:
1. Lodge a complaint with the FDA by clicking here. MAKE SURE you
include the docket number 2006D-0480. But don't trust this to be
enough. The FDA will probably simply delete half the complaints it
receives, so don't trust your complaint to actually count. It's
important to continue...

2. Send a strongly-worded letter to your representatives in
Washington. Be sure to cite Docket No. 2006D-0480. Draft Guidance for
Industry on Complementary and Alternative Medicine Products and Their
Regulation by the Food and Drug Administration. Tell them you support
open access to vitamins, herbs, and supplements, and you do not want
CAM to be regulated by the FDA.

3. Send this story to everyone you know. Spread the word. Raise the
alarm. With enough public support, the FDA will be forced to back off
this insane proposal.

And stay tuned to NewsTarget for more news, analysis and action
alerts on health freedom. Even though we're under constant attack by
criminal organizations trying to disrupt our servers and take us off
line, we're still here, beating the drum for health freedom, and
hoping that we have enough sane-minded Americans remaining to save
this country from its government.

Actual FDA quote is gobbledygook
Here's an actual FDA statement from the CAM Guidance report:

For example, naturopathic cranberry tablets might be labeled for use
to maintain the health of the urinary tract. In this example, the
cranberry tablets generally would be regulated as "dietary
supplements" ...if they were labeled for use to "maintain the health
of the urinary tract" rather than "prevent urinary tract infections."
The cranberry tablets would be regulated as "drugs" ...if they were
labeled for use to "treat urinary tract infections" even if they were
labeled as dietary supplements.

Additional phone numbers as listed in the FDA document
Sheryl Lard-Whiteford at 301-827-0379
Daniel Nguyen at 301-827-8971
Ted Stevens at 301-594-1184
Wayne Amchin at 301-827-6739


All content posted on this site is commentary or opinion and is
protected under Free Speech. Truth Publishing LLC takes sole
responsibility for all content. Truth Publishing sells no hard
products and earns no money from the recommendation of products. is presented for educational and commentary purposes
only and should not be construed as professional advice from any
licensed practitioner. Truth Publishing assumes no responsibility for
the use or misuse of this material. For the full terms of usage of
this material, visit

Saturday, March 17, 2007

“Hands Off Our Kids” Coalition Wins in Texas!

Through the united efforts of the many organizations and individuals of the “Hands Off Our Kids” Coalition we have made significant progress in halting the progress of HPV vaccine in legislatures across the county.

The biggest news is in Texas, where the legislature has passed a bill overturning the Governor’s Executive Order with enough votes to kill his likely veto. Dawn Richardson and the PROVE folks worked tirelessly there.

In California, the bill’s own sponsor tabled it this week because he realized he didn’t even have enough votes to get it out of committee, much less pass the Assembly.

Washington and New Mexico have passed bills that call for information-distribution only, not a mandate. And Wyoming has expanded funds to be available for low-income girls to receive the vaccine. Women picketed the D.C. City Council last week to express their opposition.

Our biggest disappointment is in Virginia, where the newly-elected Tim Kaine (D) signed the mandate into law the beginning of this month.



Congressman Phil Gingrey (R-GA) has introduced H.R. 1153, the “Parental Right to Decide Protection Act” that would block all federal funding for any vaccine mandate, including those passed by states! READ THE BILL


A lead researcher who has been working on the HPV vaccine development for more than 20 years has now gone public, saying that the mandate is wrong, and could result in higher rates of cervical cancer. Further, she accuses the drug companies of “overselling” the vaccine as a cancer preventative. READ THE STORY


The obvious lesson here is that where we have concerned parents and activists working on this, we have been able to make a difference.

The Texas example gives us hope for Virginia and other states.

SOURCE: More information to follow!
Vaccine Information
Although these links are from previous years, the information and conclusions of the doctors and surgeons remain relevent today and are good sources of study for those that question the safety of vaccinations.

Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, Inc.

A Voice for Private Physicians Since 1943

Omnia pro aegroto

SOURCE: American Physicians and Surgeons

  • AAPS does not oppose vaccines. AAPS has never taken an anti-vaccine position, although opponents
    have tried to paint that picture. AAPS has only attempted to halt government or school districts from
    blanket vaccine mandates that violate parental informed consent.

  • 42 states have mandatory vaccine policies, and many children are required 22 shots by first grade.

  • According to government statistics, children under the age of 14 are three times more likely to suffer
    adverse effects -- including death -- following the hepatitis B vaccine than to catch the disease itself.

  • The Centers for Disease Control admits that the reported number of adverse effects of vaccines is
    probably only 10% of actual adverse effects.

  • The Physician's Desk Reference cites adverse reactions to the hepatitis B in less than 1 percent.
    However, if more than 70 million American children receive the vaccine, that means more than 700,000
    children are likely to suffer adverse reactions.

  • Children are a very low risk group for hepatitis B. Primary risk factors are dependent on lifestyle,
    i.e. multiple sex partners, drug abuse or an occupation with exposure to blood.

  • Rampant conflicts of interest in the approval process has been the subject of several Congressional
    hearings, and a recent Congressional report concluded that the pharmaceutical industry has indeed
    exerted undue influence on mandatory vaccine legislation toward its own financial interests.

  • The vaccine approval process has also been contaminated by flawed or incomplete clinical trials, and
    government officials have chosen to ignore negative results. For example, the CDC was forced to
    withdraw its recommendation of the rotavirus vaccine within one year of approval. Yet public
    documents obtained by AAPS show that the CDC was aware of alarmingly high intussuception rates
    months before the vaccine was approved and recommended.

  • Mandatory vaccines violate the medical ethic of informed consent. A case could also be made that
    mandates for vaccines by school districts and legislatures is the de facto practice of medicine without a

  • The CDC's own "Guide to Contraindications to Childhood Vaccination" warns that when assessing
    children's common symptoms, "if any one of them is a contraindication, DO NOT VACCINATE" [caps
    added]. And yet, under legislated mandates, the vaccines are still required.

Source: American Physicians and Surgeons

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Tucson, AZ 85716-3450

Phone: (800) 635-1196

Hotline: (800) 419-4777

of American Physicians and Surgeons, Inc.

A Voice for Private Physicians Since 1943

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. -- New Mexico is on the verge of becoming the latest
state to require sixth-grade girls to be vaccinated against a sexually
transmitted virus that can cause cervical cancer, a spokesman for the
governor said Monday.

The state House approved the bill Sunday, and Gov. Bill Richardson
will sign it once he receives the legislation, spokesman Gilbert
Gallegos said.

"It's a public health issue, and I believe it's an important step,"
Richardson said Monday. "New Mexico has always been progressive on
these issues. ... We've got to find ways for young women to be protected."

The measure would take effect June 15 _ 90 days after the adjournment
of the Legislature.

Texas is the only state to require the vaccine so far, but other
states are considering doing the same. While federal regulators have
approved the vaccine, the issue of making it a requirement for girls
has been surrounded by controversy.

Merck & Co., the vaccine's maker, said last month that it would
suspend a behind-the-scenes lobbying campaign to get states to require
it for school-age girls because of pressure from parents and medical

Texas Gov. Rick Perry sidestepped his state's Legislature when he
ordered the shots for girls entering the sixth grade there starting in
September 2008. He has since had to defend his relationship with
Merck; The Associated Press reported Perry's chief of staff met with
key aides about the vaccine on the same day Merck's political action
committee donated money to the governor's campaign.

It wasn't known if Merck had lobbied New Mexico officials.

Virginia lawmakers passed a similar law, which Gov. Timothy M. Kaine
has said he would sign. Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick's budget
proposal calls for providing the vaccine for free to all girls 9 to 18
who want it.

Other states have considered legislation as well. In Colorado,
lawmakers are debating a bill that would make the cervical cancer
vaccine mandatory for girls entering sixth grade unless their parents
sign a form refusing it.

The federal government approved Gardasil, a three-dose vaccine that
protects against the human papilloma virus, or HPV, in June for
females ages 9 to 26. The vaccine protects against HPV strains that
cause cervical, vulvar and vaginal cancers and genital warts.

More than 500 cases of mostly minor side effects have been reported in
girls and women who got the vaccine. Government health officials said
last month that no additional warning labels are needed.

Also Monday, two Texas lawmakers said that state health officials are
not required to follow Perry's order.

Their announcement was made after meeting with Texas Attorney General
Greg Abbott, who told them the order "was more like a suggestion to
the head of the agency," according to state Sen. Jane Nelson.

Abbott spokesman Jerry Strickland said the attorney general's office
does not discuss the content or substance of its discussions with

The governor's office says the order is consistent with current law,
although Perry has acknowledged that the Legislature can supersede it.
The Texas House is to vote Tuesday on a bill that would bar state
officials from requiring the vaccine."


Thursday, March 01, 2007

FDA regarding the safety of drugs

"On February 13, 2007 the House Energy and Commerce Committee's
Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations opened hearings
lambasting the FDA regarding the safety of drugs. The opening
statement by Chairman John Dingell (D-MI) set the tone, "It is clear …
that the FDA is badly broken. I expect that before we finish this
investigation, which is just getting underway, we will discover
whether the problems we have found are due to the work of scoundrels,
irrational penny-pinching, or because the doors to the FDA "hen house"
have been thrown open to foxes. It may be a combination of all three."

Testimony given on February 13th and 14th should have curdled the
blood of Americans from coast to coast. The mainstream media, which
receives several billion dollars a year in advertising income from Big
Pharma, failed to report on the bone-chilling testimony that plainly
depicts FDA fraud and collusion that is allowing thousands of our
citizens to die at the hands of Big Pharma profiteering. Testimony by
Charles Grassley (R-IA) paints a picture of a rogue agency with near
complete disregard for the law, an agency intentionally exposing
Americans to known peril while actively covering the trail and working
in partnership with Big Pharma.

Devastating evidence is presented by scientists and researchers
showing that the FDA approved a dangerous antibiotic (Ketek), while
knowing that the research supporting its safety was fraudulent and
that there was no evidence the antibiotic was even effective. In fact,
the FDA was well informed that the drug could cause serious liver
damage resulting in death, and that they would be exposing millions of
adults and children to the drug. The testimony exposes the inner
workings of the FDA; as a matter of routine its scientists are
threatened and their warnings are ignored. It is crystal clear from
the testimony that the Ketek example is one of many FDA flagrant
violations of the public trust, a common theme that reveals FDA
management and Big Pharma are in fact operating as one team. On
February 12, 2007 the FDA issued a press release stating that Ketek
was no longer approved for common bacterial sinus and bronchial
infections. The only reason the FDA issued this warning is because of
the Congressional inquiry into their cover-up of criminal behavior,
not because they had any interest at all in protecting the public.

Dr. David Graham, the FDA employee/whistleblower that is a constant
thorn in the side of Big Pharma, testified and stated that Eli Lilly's
antipsychotic drug Zyprexa needs a thorough Congressional
investigation. The drug is known to cause obesity and diabetes, is
approved only for adult schizophrenics with serious mental disease,
and is being paid for mostly by taxpayer-funded programs. The drug
accounts for 28% of Eli Lilly sales, leading numerous people to wonder
why the FDA sits by and allows billions of dollars of Zyprexa to be
prescribed for children with mild behavioral issues, when it was never
approved for use in children and safety for children is completely

The FDA Sits in Judgment on Life and Death

It comes as a surprise for many Americans that over 100,000 deaths per
year and over 3 million serious injuries are caused by drugs – more
often than not by the never disclosed or even expected side effects of
the drugs. These estimates are conservative, based on official
reporting. With reckless abandon, like a drunk driver swerving
out-of-control, the FDA has betrayed the public trust and made
repeated decisions that expose Americans to unnecessary risk of death
and injury.

Naively, most Americans think the FDA is protecting them from harm. A
wake-up call occurred last year when the Institute of Medicine
released their long awaited federally-funded report on the FDA and
drug safety. After extensively interviewing numerous FDA employees,
the report stated that the FDA has a dysfunctional organizational
culture wherein the FDA and Big Pharma hide relevant safety data from
the public. A report earlier in the year found the FDA could not even
keep track of which drugs were on the market, let alone make certain
any follow up was done to ensure safety of those drugs. To the
contrary, the FDA is doing everything in its power to make sure a
citizen cannot sue in state court when a drug injures or kills –
actively working against citizen's rights.

The FDA responds to its critics by saying it needs more money. Critics
respond by saying more money is not the answer; it is the executive
decision-making process within the FDA that is hopelessly broken. The
reality is that the FDA, if given more money, would do little more
than attack competition to drug companies (alternative health), forge
ahead with its illegal Trilateral Cooperation Charter with Mexico and
Canada, and forward its clearly stated agenda of bringing newer and
riskier drugs to the market faster with even less testing.

Under a bizarre law enacted in 1992 known as PDUFA (Prescription Drug
User Fee Act) the FDA receives over half the money it needs for new
drug approvals from Big Pharma itself – a system more akin to Big
Pharma paying the mob for protection than the FDA ensuring drug safety
for the public. This law must be renewed later this year and already
the FDA is asking for even larger sums of money from Big Pharma. The
fox is indeed buying the keys to the henhouse. Life and death hang in
the balance.

The FDA is Now Headed by a Biotech Sales Rep

Dr. Andrew von Eschenbach is now the permanent head of the FDA, voted
in by the Senate during the lame duck session. His extensive financial
connections to biotech companies and the cancer industry were never
investigated. Senators, mostly under the spell of Big Pharma's wallet,
simply rubber stamped his approval. One Senator, Charles Grassley
(R-IA), had the courage to speak up. His Senate confirmation testimony
regarding Andrew von Eschenbach on December 7, 2006 was accurate,
frank, and to the point:

"People ought to be ashamed of saying Dr. Andrew von Eschenbach
has done a superb job in the position he is currently occupying
[acting head of the FDA].…That is an insult….In my interactions with
the Department of Health and Human Services and the FDA these last 8
months, I have seen a complete and utter disrespect for congressional
authority and hence the law.…This body [the Senate] should not walk
hand in hand with the executive branch and sit idly by as instances of
abuse and fraud continue to endanger the health and safety of American
people…Under Dr. Von Eschenbach, the FDA has not only avoided
transparency, it also has threatened those who are trying to
desperately expose the truth…."

Andrew von Eschenbach wants to make sure that no American can ever sue
a drug company in state court. He wants these laws in place because he
plans to turn a whole new array of dangerous biotech drugs loose on
the American public, while at the same time turning the FDA into a
drug development company – providing software that guides the
development of all new biotech drugs. If Americans could sue when they
are injured, they'd be suing the FDA. It is time for Americans to wake up.

Politics – Not as Usual

A major battle is brewing in the House and Senate over the future of
the FDA. The battle lines do not split down traditional Republican and
Democratic lines. The Congressional leaders on the good side are those
who realize the insanity of Americans being needlessly killed by drugs
and have the guts to stand up to the Big Pharma money lobby and take
action in the face of extreme vested interests and the personal threat
to re-election security.

Leaders on the other side are beholden to the Big Pharma golden idol
and have track records so entrenched with Big Pharma profiteering that
they should be considered enablers and in some cases co-conspirators
in the FDA/Big Pharma crimes. Topping this list are Edward Kennedy
(D-MA) and Orrin Hatch (R-UT), followed by numerous Congressional
sheeple who will do anything to maintain their positions of power –
based in no small part on the flow of money coming to their campaign
coffers from Big Pharma.

It is true that the Republican leadership of the last six years has
stalled all meaningful attempts at FDA reform. However, it should be
pointed out that a Republican (Charles Grassley of Iowa), standing on
true conservative values, is spearheading the campaign for meaningful
FDA reform.

What Can Americans Do

Americans must demand an independent office within the FDA to monitor
drug safety. Such a bill has been introduced by Senator Grassley and
deserves the support of all Americans. S.468 (also HR 788), the Food
and Drug Administration Safety Act of 2007, would create an
independent office within the FDA to monitor the ongoing safety of
drugs. No other solution will work. This is the type of legislation
that Big Pharma and the current FDA management deplore.

Without major public support it is highly unlikely that the Grassley
bill will even get a hearing. This is because the Senate committee in
charge of health legislation, known as the HELP committee (Health,
Education, Labor, and Pensions) is controlled by Edward Kennedy (D-MA)
and Mike Enzi (R-WY). Kennedy and Enzi have been negotiating with Big
Pharma and the FDA for over a year. Last year they used the issue of
drug safety as a political ploy to present a Trojan Horse bill (S
3807: Enhancing Drug Safety and Innovation Act of 2006.) Never has a
name been more misleading. It should have been called "Exposure of
Americans to Risky Medications and Creation of a New FDA Drug Company
Act of 2006." This bill would not have stopped any of the drug
scandals of the past five years and would actually act to create a
drug company within the FDA! Kennedy and Enzi are planning to
reintroduce an updated version of their fake drug safety bill, which
they can readily bring to the floor of the Senate for a vote.

Only an independent office within the FDA can effectively monitor drug
safety. Hundreds of thousands of American lives are at stake and the
health of millions hangs in the balance. Rome is burning. Can the
voice of the people be heard over the wallet of Big Pharma – a bank
roll that is ironically funded by U.S. taxpayer and U.S. corporate
dollars? Shall we fund our own demise or shall we stand and be heard?"


Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Another Interesting Health Site

Categories: Medical Orthodoxy, Food Politics, Cancer Politics, Science/STS, Pharmaceutical Toxicity, Scientific Fraud & Research Corruption, Iatrogeny Misc.

A partial mirror of an Advanced Scientific Health research guide.
Please click title link to external site for a fully formatted .pdf of this research guide.

1993—2003: Medical mistakes took 7.8 million lives

Organized medicine killed more Americans in last decade than all U.S. wars combined -by The Idaho Observer

The most comprehensive report on the state of U.S. healthcare ever conducted shows that organized medicine has killed 7,841,360 Americans in the last 10 years. “Our estimated 10-year total of 7.8 million iatrogenic [doctor-induced] deaths is more than all the casualties from all the wars fought by the U.S. throughout its entire history,” commented the Nutrition Institute of America (NIA), in its report, “Death By Medicine” (Oct., 2003).

The concept of the report was prompted by the fact that, while conventional medicine kills hundreds of thousands of Americans each year, government regulators attempt to ban and restrict the use of vitamins and herbs that kill no one.

Incidentally, the report, which resulted from the compilation and analysis of 94 U.S. hospitals and hundreds of medical journal articles, determined that medical error causes an astounding 783,936 deaths per year (and growing). “It is evident that the American medical system is itself the leading cause of death and injury in the U.S.,” the authors observed.

The purpose of the report was to memorialize the total failure of the American medical system and to “provide the basis for competent and compassionate medical professionals to recognize the inadequacies
of today’s system and at least attempt to institute meaningful reforms,” wrote the editors of Life Extension magazine.


Sunday, February 25, 2007


"Merck & Co. will stop lobbying state officials to require that girls receive the company's Gardasil cervical cancer vaccine before they can attend school. Merck made the decision after groups including the American Academy of Pediatrics said there wasn't enough state funding to pay for the $360 vaccine or public acceptance, said Rick Haupt, director of medical affairs for Merck's vaccine division, in a telephone interview today....The vaccine is Merck's most important new product, capable of generating as much as $3 billion in annual sales, analysts have said. Revenue from Gardasil in the fourth quarter reached $155 million.... Starting in 2008, Texas girls ages 11 and 12 will be required to have the vaccine before entering sixth grade. The shots will cost the state $50 million the first year....A group called the National Vaccine Information Center said yesterday that its analysis of reports to U.S. regulators found cases of serious side effects to Gardasil. One was Guillain-Barre Syndrome, a disorder in which the body's immune system attacks part of the nervous system." - Shannon Pettypiece and Angela Zimm, Bloomberg News

"Merck & Co., bowing to pressure from parents and medical groups, is immediately suspending its lobbying campaign to persuade state legislatures to mandate that adolescent girls get the company's new vaccine against cervical cancer as a requirement for school attendance....Legislatures in roughly 20 states have introduced measures that would mandate girls have the vaccine to attend school, but none has passed so far. However, Texas Gov. Rick Perry on Feb. 2 issued an executive order requiring that schoolgirls get the vaccinations, triggering protests from lawmakers in that state, who may seek to pass a law of overturning the order. A group of parents worried that vaccines harm some children, the National Vaccine Information Center, has been publicizing reports of side effects - mostly dizziness and fainting - in several dozen people getting Gardasil, which is approved for use in females ages 9 to 26. The group questions whether it was tested in enough young girls. Officials with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, however, say that reports of side effects through the end of January show don't raise any red flags." - Linda Johnson, Associated Press

Barbara Loe Fisher Commentary:

About 12 hours after PROVE president Dawn Richardson and scores of parents and doctors testified in the Texas state legislature, protesting the HPV vaccine mandate being imposed on 11 year old girls in that state by the Governor of Texas, Merck announced it was ending its aggressive lobbying campaign to get GARDASIL mandated in every state. Dawn used advance information provided to her by NVIC from the Report on VAERS and GARDASIL that NVIC released today (below) in her testimony, arguing that the vaccine had not been tested adequately for safety in little girls and was already causing too many reactions. The Texas legislature is in the process of building a bi-partisan coalition to pass legislation that will overturn Governor Rick Perry's Executive order mandating the vaccine for all sixth grade girls.

The backlash in Texas is also being felt in other states, as parents are letting legislators know they are tired of having every vaccine, which industry produces and the CDC recommends for universal use in all children, automatically mandated by the states for school entry. From now on, perhaps citizens and their elected officials will work together to more carefully evaluate the necessity for and safety and efficacy of new vaccines which those, who are operating and profiting from the mass vaccination system, lobby to have mandated.

With 56 doses of 16 vaccines recommended by the CDC for use by all children by age 12 and more than 3 dozen of those already mandated in most states, a careful examination of each new vaccine that industry markets is long overdue. The fact that many highly vaccinated children are suffering with chronic disease and disability, with 1 in 150 autistic, 1 in 6 learning delayed and millions more asthmatic and diabetic, makes it even more important for the FDA and CDC to redouble their efforts to hold vaccine manufacturers to high standards for proof of safety for vaccines before they are licensed and recommended for universal use by all children.

After 25 years, the vaccine safety and informed consent movement led by parents of vaccine injured children has become a national voice for those who want truth, transparency and freedom of choice when it comes to making vaccination decisions for themselves and their children. Today, many more Americans are joining with NVIC and declaring: No forced vaccination. Not in America.


Calls on FDA and CDC to Warn Doctors and Parents to Report to VAERS


(Feb. 21) Washington, D.C. – The National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC) today released a new analysis of the federal Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) reports of serious health problems following HPV vaccination (Merck’s GARDASIL) during the last six months of 2006. Out of the 385 individual GARDASIL adverse event reports made to VAERS, two-thirds required additional medical care and about one-third of all reports were for children 16-years-old and under, with nearly 25 percent of those children having received simultaneously one or more of the 18 vaccines that Merck did not study in combination with GARDASIL. NVIC is calling on the FDA and CDC to warn parents and doctors that GARDASIL should not be combined with other vaccines and that young girls should be monitored for at least 24 hours for syncopal (collapse/fainting) episodes that can be accompanied by seizure activity, as well as symptoms of tingling, numbness and loss of sensation in the fingers and limbs, all of which should be reported to VAERS immediately.

“Because Merck only studied GARDASIL in fewer than 1200 girls under age 16 in pre-licensure trials, it is critical that doctors and parents be made aware of the nature of the initial adverse event reports coming into VAERS and that they report serious health problems after vaccination when they occur,” said NVIC President Barbara Loe Fisher. “There are twice as many children collapsing and four times as many children experiencing tingling, numbness and loss of sensation after getting a GARDASIL vaccination compared to those getting a Tdap (tetanus-diphtheria- acellular pertussis) vaccination. There have been reports of facial paralysis and Guillain-Barre Syndrome. And doctors who give GARDASIL in combination with other vaccines are basically conducting an experiment on their young patients because Merck has not published any safety data for simultaneous vaccination with any vaccine except hepatitis B vaccine.”

According to NVIC’s report, a majority of GARDASIL adverse event reports to VAERS involved those who suffered fever, nausea, headache or pain; 14 percent were for syncopal episodes with or without neurological signs; and 8 percent experienced tingling, numbness and loss of sensation, facial paralysis or Guillain-Barre Syndrome. Although adverse event reports to VAERS do not prove causation, they can provide an early warning sign that a new vaccine may be causing health problems that could be important. For example, reports to VAERS of bowel blockage (intussusception) in babies following receipt of Merck’s Rota Teq (rotavirus) vaccine prompted the FDA to issue a public warning to doctors and consumers on Feb. 13.

“About 4 reports per day were filed with VAERS in December 2006 for the HPV vaccine,” said NVIC Health Policy Analyst Vicky Debold, RN, Ph.D. “Some of these girls are being injured when they collapse after getting the vaccine and others are complaining of neurological symptoms that should not be ignored. Doctors and nurses should take note of the patient safety issues related to giving this vaccine. Giving GARDASIL simultaneously with any of the 18 vaccines Merck did not study in combination is not an evidence- based guideline and should involve informed consent and a signed patient release. To avoid unnecessary injuries, teenage girls should be vaccinated laying down, not be left unattended and probably should not walk or drive themselves home from the doctor’s office after they get vaccinated.”

NVIC also found that there were several VAERS reports of HPV infection, genital warts and cervical lesions after GARDASIL vaccination. It is unknown if the girls were infected with HPV before being vaccinated or if GARDASIL failed to protect them. One case of HPV infection occurred in a 22-year-old girl who had participated in a Merck GARDASIL trial in 2003 when she had shown “strong conversion to all 4 vaccine types” but “tested positive for high risk HPV” in 2006, according to the VAERS report.

In a May 18, 2006 Background Document for the FDA Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee (VRPBAC), the FDA staff stated that Merck clinical trial data indicated there may be “the potential for GARDASIL to enhance cervical disease in subjects who had evidence of persistent infection with vaccine-relevant HPV types prior to vaccination.” Girls and women now being vaccinated with GARDASIL are not routinely being tested for active HPV infection before vaccination.

The FDA staff also questioned whether the “HPV types not contained in the vaccine might offset the overall clinical effectiveness of the vaccine.” There are more than 15 types of HPV associated with cervical cancer but GARDASIL only contains HPV types 16 and 18. It is unknown whether non-vaccine HPV types will become more dominant in the future. However, there are indications this could occur because some of the seven strains of pneumococcal contained in Wyeth’s PREVNAR vaccine, which was recommended by the CDC for universal use in all babies in 2000, have been replaced by some of the more than 80 other pneumococcal strains not contained in the vaccine.

VAERS is a passive surveillance system and depends upon voluntary reporting of serious health problems following vaccination, even though safety provisions in the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986 mandated that health care providers report vaccine adverse events. There have been estimates that fewer than 10 percent, even as low as 1 to 4 percent, of adverse events which occur after prescription drug or vaccine use are ever reported to government adverse event reporting systems.

“If only 1 to 4 percent of all adverse events associated with GARDASIL vaccination are being reported to VAERS, there could have been up to 38,000 health problems after GARDASIL vaccination in 2006 which were never reported,” said Fisher. “How many girls are really having short-term health problems associated with getting this vaccine that could turn into long-term neurological or immune system disorders? And how many will go on to develop fertility problems, cancer or damage to their genes, all of which Merck admits in its product insert that it has not studied at all? We just don’t know enough to be mandating GARDASIL for anyone, much less vulnerable 11 to 12 year old girls entering puberty.”

For a copy of NVIC’s Report on VAERS and GARDASIL, references for this statement and information about how to report a vaccine reaction to VAERS, go to

More on Cancer: CLICK HERE
Merck Stops Campaign to Mandate Gardasil Vaccine Use

Bloomberg News
Feb. 20, 2007

by Shannon Pettypiece and Angela Zimm

Feb. 20 (Bloomberg) -- Merck & Co. will stop lobbying state officials to require that girls receive the company's Gardasil cervical cancer vaccine before they can attend school.

Merck made the decision after groups including the American Academy of Pediatrics said there wasn't enough state funding to pay for the $360 vaccine or public acceptance, said Rick Haupt, director of medical affairs for Merck's vaccine division, in a telephone interview today.

Texas this month became the first state, among about 20 considering legislation, to require school- aged girls to get the shot. Merck began its campaign for the vaccine among state lawmakers even before it was approved in June 2006. The company, which is based in Whitehouse Station, New Jersey, decided to stop lobbying states because the focus had shifted to the campaign rather than to preventing cervical cancer, Haupt said.

``Merck's early push was not the way to go,'' said Larry Pickering, executive secretary of the advisory committee on immunization practices for the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, in Atlanta. ``We want to convince people to use the vaccine because of its benefits.''

``Immediately implementing school laws is not optimal,'' Pickering said in a telephone interview today. ``We need to gather more data and reevaluate to see whether this kind of approach is necessary.''

$3 Billion Potential

The vaccine is Merck's most important new product, capable of generating as much as $3 billion in annual sales, analysts have said. Revenue from Gardasil in the fourth quarter reached $155 million.

``Many support vaccine use broadly, but don't think this is the right time to engage in a school requirement,'' Haupt said. Merck will continue to lobby to get states to pay for the vaccine through programs for the uninsured and poor, he said.

Merck's Gardasil is the first approved vaccine against the sexually transmitted human papillomavirus, or HPV, which causes cervical cancer. The virus is common: about half of all sexually active men and women are infected with it at some point of their lives, according to the CDC. Gardasil is administered in three doses costing $120 each.

Groups such as the Family Research Council and Focus on the Family oppose making the shot mandatory and say parents should make the decision for their girls. Other groups have also questioned the need for making the vaccine mandatory because HPV isn't spread by casual contact like the germs that cause measles or polio.

``The mechanism of transmission of HPV is different and people feel school laws are not needed,'' Pickering said.

In the U.S., where Pap smear screening to detect cervical cancer is widespread, about 14,000 women are diagnosed with cervical cancer each year and 3,900 die from it. Of cancers affecting mainly females, only breast cancer strikes more women globally than cervical cancer.

Sixth Grade

Starting in 2008, Texas girls ages 11 and 12 will be required to have the vaccine before entering sixth grade. The shots will cost the state $50 million the first year.

The Texas order allows parents to opt out of the mandatory vaccinations ``for reasons of conscience, including religious beliefs.'' The order directs the state health agency to provide opt-out request forms on line.

A group called the National Vaccine Information Center said yesterday that its analysis of reports to U.S. regulators found cases of serious side effects to Gardasil. One was Guillain-Barre Syndrome, a disorder in which the body's immune system attacks part of the nervous system.

To contact the reporter on this story:

Shannon Pettypiece in New York at

Angela Zimm in Boston at

For Cancer Information CLICK HERE
Merck suspends lobbying for cervical cancer vaccine mandate

Associated Press
February 20, 2007


TRENTON, N.J. - Merck & Co., bowing to pressure from parents and medical groups, is immediately suspending its lobbying campaign to persuade state legislatures to mandate that adolescent girls get the company's new vaccine against cervical cancer as a requirement for school attendance.

The drug maker, which announced the change Tuesday, had been criticized for quietly funding the campaign, via a third party, to require 11- and 12-year- old girls get the three-dose vaccine in order to attend school.

Some had objected because the vaccine protects against a sexually transmitted disease, human papilloma virus, which causes cervical cancer. Vaccines mandated for school attendance usually are for diseases easily spread through casual contact, such as measles and mumps.

"Our goal is about cervical cancer prevention and we want to reach as many females as possible with Gardasil," Dr. Richard M. Haupt, Merck's medical director for vaccines, told The Associated Press.

"We're concerned that our role in supporting school requirements is a distraction from that goal, and as such have suspended our lobbying efforts," Haupt said, adding the company will continue providing information about the vaccine if requested by government officials.

Merck launched Gardasil, the first vaccine to prevent cervical cancer, in June. It protects against the two virus strains causing 90 percent of cervical cancer and two strains that cause most genital warts.

Sales totaled $235 million through the end of 2006, according to Merck.

Last month, the AP reported that Merck was channeling money for its state-mandate campaign through Women in Government, an advocacy group made up of female state legislators across the country.

Conservative groups opposed the campaign, saying it would encourage premarital sex, and parents' rights groups said it interfered with their control over their children.

Even two of the prominent medical groups that supported broad use of the vaccine, the American Academy of Pediatricians and the American Academy of Family Practitioners, questioned Merck's timing, Haupt said Tuesday.

"They, along with some other folks in the public health community, believe there needs to be more time," he said, to ensure government funding for the vaccine for uninsured girls is in place and that families and government officials have enough information about it.

Legislatures in roughly 20 states have introduced measures that would mandate girls have the vaccine to attend school, but none has passed so far. However, Texas Gov. Rick Perry on Feb. 2 issued an executive order requiring Texas girls entering the sixth grade as of 2008 get the vaccinations, triggering protests from lawmakers in that state.

Perry defended his order on Tuesday, a day after House lawmakers in Austin held a lengthy hearing on the issue but failed to act on a bill to override the order.

Dr. Anne Francis, who chairs an American Academy of Pediatrics committee that advocates for better insurer reimbursement on vaccines, called Merck's change of heart "a good move for the public."

"I believe that their timing was a little bit premature," she said, "so soon after (Gardasil's) release, before we have a picture of whether there are going to be any untoward side effects."

Given that the country has been "burned" by some drugs whose serious side effects emerged only after they were in wide use, including Merck's withdrawn painkiller Vioxx, Francis said, it would be better to wait awhile before mandating Gardasil usage.

She said she also was concerned about requiring a vaccine for a disease that is not communicable and so does not have a big public health impact. While doctors expect Gardasil to have a huge effect in poor countries where women do not get Pap smears, in this country those tests limit the incidence of cervical cancer to about 9,710 new cases and 3,700 deaths each year.

The National Vaccine Information Center has been publicizing reports of side effects - mostly dizziness and fainting - in several dozen people getting Gardasil, which is approved for use in females ages 9 to 26. The center, a group of parents worried that vaccines harm some children, questions whether the vaccine was tested in enough young girls.

Officials with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, however, say that reports of side effects through the end of January don't raise any red flags.

The vaccine also is controversial because of its price - $360 for the three doses required over a six- month stretch. Because of that cost and what pediatricians and gynecologists say is inadequate reimbursement by insurers, many are choosing not to stock the vaccine or requiring surcharges to administer it, increasing the cost for many families and making the vaccine hard to come by.

Merck shares were down in after-hours trading on the New York Stock Exchange, falling 35 cents to $44.15 after rising 22 cents in regular trading to close at $44.50.


Vaccines are NOT SAFE.

Dr. James R. Shannon, former director of the National institute of
health declared, "the only safe vaccine is one that is never used."

Cowpox vaccine was believed able to immunize people against smallpox.
At the time this vaccine was introduced, there was already a decline
in the number of cases of smallpox. Japan introduced compulsory
vaccination in 1872. In 1892 there were 165,774 cases of smallpox with
29,979 deaths despite the vaccination program. A stringent compulsory
smallpox vaccine program, which prosecuted those refusing the vaccine,
was instituted in England in 1867. Within 4 years 97.5 % of persons
between 2 and 50 had been vaccinated. The following year England
experienced the worst smallpox epidemic[1] in its history with 44,840
deaths. Between 1871 and 1880 the incidence of smallpox escalated from
28 to 46 per 100,000. The smallpox vaccine does not work.

Much of the success attributed to vaccination programs may actually
have been due to improvement in public health related to water quality
and sanitation, less crowded living conditions, better nutrition, and
higher standards of living. Typically the incidence of a disease was
clearly declining before the vaccine for that disease was introduced.
In England the incidence of polio had decreased by 82 % before the
polio vaccine was introduced in 1956.

In the early 1900s an astute Indiana physician, Dr. W.B. Clarke,
stated "Cancer was practically unknown until compulsory vaccination
with cowpox vaccine began to be introduced. I have had to deal with
two hundred cases of cancer, and I never saw a case of cancer in an
un-vaccinated [2] person."

There is a widely held belief that vaccines should not be criticized
because the public might refuse to take them. This is valid only if
the benefits exceed the known risks of the vaccines.

Do Vaccines Actually Prevent Disease?

This important question does not appear to have ever been adequately
studied. Vaccines are enormously profitable for drug companies and
recent legislation in the U.S. has exempted lawsuits against
pharmaceutical firms in the event of adverse reactions to vaccines
which are very common. In 1975 Germany stopped requiring pertussis
(whooping cough) vaccination. Today less than 10 % of German children
are vaccinated against pertussis. The number of cases of pertussis has
steadily decreased[3] even though far fewer children are receiving
pertussis vaccine.

Measles outbreaks have occurred in schools with vaccination rates over
98 % in all parts of the U.S. including areas that had reported no
cases of measles for years. As measles immunization rates rise to high
levels measles becomes a disease seen only in vaccinated persons. An
outbreak of measles occurred in a school where 100 % of the children
had been vaccinated. Measles mortality rates had declined by 97 % in
England before measles vaccination was instituted.

In 1986 there were 1300 cases of pertussis in Kansas and 90 % of these
cases occurred in children who had been adequately vaccinated. Similar
vaccine failures have been reported from Nova Scotia where pertussis
continues to be occurring despite universal vaccination. Pertussis
remains endemic[4] in the Netherlands where for more than 20 years 96
% of children have received 3 pertussis shots by age 12 months.

After institution of diphtheria vaccination in England and Wales in
1894 the number of deaths from diphtheria rose by 20 % in the
subsequent 15 years. Germany had compulsory vaccination in 1939. The
rate of diphtheria spiraled to 150,000 cases that year whereas, Norway
which did not have compulsory vaccination, had only 50 cases of
diphtheria the same year.

The continued presence of these infectious diseases in children who
have received vaccines proves that life long immunity which follows
natural infection does not occur in persons receiving vaccines. The
injection process places the viral particles into the blood without
providing any clear way to eliminate these foreign substances.

Why Do Vaccines Fail To Protect Against Diseases?

Walene James, author of Immunization: the Reality Behind The Myth,
states that the full[5] inflammatory response is necessary to create
real immunity. Prior to the introduction of measles and mumps vaccines
children got measles and mumps and in the great majority of cases
these diseases were benign. Vaccines "trick" the body so it does not
mount a complete inflammatory response to the injected virus.

Vaccines and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome SIDS

The incidence of Sudden Infant Death syndrome SIDS has grown from .55
per 1000 live births in 1953 to 12.8 per 1000 in 1992 in Olmstead
County, Minnesota. The peak incidence for SIDS is age 2 to 4 months
the exact time most vaccines are being given to children. 85 % of
cases of SIDS occur in the first 6 months of infancy. The increase in
SIDS as a percentage of total infant deaths has risen from 2.5 per
1000 in 1953 to 17.9 per 1000 in 1992. This rise in SIDS deaths has
occurred during a period when nearly every childhood disease was
declining due to improved sanitation and medical progress except SIDS.
These deaths from SIDS did increase during a period when the number of
vaccines given a child was steadily rising to 36 per child.

Dr. W. Torch was able to document 12 deaths in infants which appeared
within 3½ and 19 hours of a DPT immunization. He later reported 11 new
cases of SIDS death and one near miss which had occurred within 24
hours of a DPT injection. When he studied 70 cases of SIDS two thirds
of these victims[6] had been vaccinated from one half day to 3 weeks
prior to their deaths. None of these deaths was attributed to
vaccines. Vaccines are a sacred cow and nothing against them appears
in the mass media because they are so profitable to pharmaceutical firms.

There is valid reason to think that not only are vaccines worthless in
preventing disease they are counterproductive because they injure the
immune system permitting cancer, auto-immune diseases and SIDS to
cause much disability and death.

Are Vaccines Sterile?

Dr. Robert Strecker claimed that the department of defense DOD was
given $10,000,000 in 1969 to create the AIDS virus to be used as a
population-reducing[7] weapon against blacks. By use of the Freedom of
Information Act Dr. Strecker was able to learn that the DOD secured
funds from Congress to perform studies on immune destroying agents for
germ warfare.

Once produced, the vaccine was given in two locations. Smallpox
vaccine containing HIV was given to 100,000,000 Africans in 1977. Over
2000 young white homosexual males in New York City were given
Hepatitis B vaccine that contained HIV virus in 1978. This vaccine was
given at New York City Blood Center. The Hepatitis B vaccine
containing the HIV virus was also administered to homosexual males in
San Francisco, Los Angeles, St.Louis, Houston and Chicago in 1978 and
1979. U.S. Public Health epidemiology studies have disclosed that
these same 6 cities had the highest incidence of AIDS, Aids related
Complex (ARC) and deaths rates from HIV, when compared to other U.S.

When a new virus is introduced into a community. It takes 20 years for
the number of cases to double. If the fabricated story that green
monkey bites of pygmies led to the HIV epidemic, the alleged monkey
bites in the 1940s should have produced a peak in the incidence of HIV
in the 1960s at which time HIV was non existent in Africa. The World
Health Organization (WHO) began a African smallpox vaccination
campaign in 1977 that targeted urban population centers and avoided
pygmies. If the green monkey bites of pygmies truly caused the HIV
epidemic the incidence of HIV in pygmies should have been higher than
in urban citizens. However, the opposite was true.

In 1954 Dr. Bernice Eddy (bacteriologist) discovered live monkey
viruses in supposedly sterile inactivated polio vaccine[8] developed
by Dr. Jonas Salk. This discovery was not well received at the NIH and
Dr. Eddy was demoted. Later Dr. Eddy, working with Sarah Stewart,
discovered SE polyoma virus. This virus was quite important because it
caused cancer in every animal receiving it. Yellow fever vaccine had
previously been found to contain avian (bird) leukemia virus. Later
Dr. Hilleman isolated SV 40 virus from both the Salk and Sabin polio
vaccines. There were 40 different viruses[9] in these polio vaccines
they were trying to eradicate. They were never able to get rid of
these viruses ontaminating the polio vaccines. The SV 40 virus causes
malignancies. It has now been identified in 43 % of cases of
non-Hodgekin lymphoma[10] , 36 % of brain tumors[11] , 18 % of healthy
blood samples, and 22 % of healthy semen samples, mesothiolomas and
other malignancies. By the time of this discovery SV 40 had already
been injected into 10,000,000 people in Salk vaccine. Gastric
digestion inactivtes some of SV 40 in Sabin vaccine. However, the
isolation of strains of Sabin polio vaccine from all 38 cases of
Guillan Barre Syndrome[12] GBS in Brazil suggests that significant
numbers of persons are able to be infected from this vaccine. All 38
of these patients had received Sabin polio vaccine months to years
before the onset of GBS. The incidence of non-Hodgekin lymphoma
has"mysteriouly" doubled since the 1970s.

Dr. John Martin, Professor of Pathology at the Univ. of Southern
California, was employed by the Viral Oncology Branch of the Bureau of
Biologics (FDA) from 1976 to 1980. While employed there he identified
foreign DNA in the live polio vaccine Orimune Lederle that suggested
serious vaccine contamination. He warned his supervisors about this
problem and was told to discontinue his work as it was outside the
scope of testing required for polio vaccine.

Later Dr. Martin learned that all eleven of the African green monkeys
used to grow the Lederle polio virus Orimune had grown simian
cytomegalovirus from kidney cell cultures. Lederle was aware of this
viral contamination as their Cytomegaloviral Contamination Plan[13]
clearly showed in 1972. The Bureau of Biologics decided not to pursue
the matter so production of infected polio vaccine continued.

In 1955 Dr. Martin identified unique cell destroying viruses termed
stealth viruses in patients with chronic fatigue syndrome. These
viruses lacked genes that would enable the immune system to recognize
them. Thus they were protected by the body's failure to develop
antiviral antibodies. In March of 1995, Dr. Martin learned that some
of these stealth viruses had originated from African green monkey
simian cytomegalovirus of a type known to infect man.

The Lederle vaccine experience suggests that the higher-ups are not
concerned about sloppy and dangerous preparation of vaccines. Animal
cross infection is a huge unsolved current problem for all vaccine
manufacturing. If this vaccine production sounds like an unbelievable
mess to you, you are right.

The influential Club of Rome has a position paper in which they state
that the world population is too large and needs to be reduced by 90
%. This means that 6 billion people must be reduced to 500 to 600
million. Obviously, creating famines and genocidal wars such as
wrecked havoc in Africa, and loosing new laboratory-created diseases
(HIV, Ebola, Marburg[14] , and probably West Nile virus and SARS) can
help reduce the population. Other elitist groups (Trilaterals,
Bildenbergers) have expressed similar concerns about excess people on
planet Earth.

The company that was projected to produce the new smallpox vaccine in
the U.S. was in serious trouble in England because of unsatisfactory
quality of operations before setting up their facility in the U.S. Why
would their performance here be any better than it was in England?

If there are important powerful groups of people that are determined
to reduce the world population, what could be a more diabolically
clever way to eliminate people than to inject them with a
cancer-causing vaccine? The person receiving the injection would never
suspect that the vaccine taken 10 to 15 years earlier had caused the
cancer to appear.

Other Dangers From Vaccines

In the March 4, 1977 issue of Science Jonas and Darrell Salk warn,
"Live virus vaccines against influenza or poliomyelitis may in each
instance produce the disease it intended to prevent. The live virus
against measles and mumps may produce such side effects as
encephalitis (brain damage).

The swine flu vaccine was administered to the American public even
though there had never been a case of swine flu identified in a human.
Farmers refused to use the vaccine because it killed too many animals.
Within a few months of use in humans this vaccine caused many cases of
serious nerve injury (Guillan Barre syndrome).

An article in the Washington Post on Jan. 26, 1988 mentioned that all
cases of polio since 1979 had been caused by the polio vaccine with no
known cases of polio from a wild strain since 1979. This might have
created a perfect situation to discontinue the vaccine, but the
vaccine is still given. Vaccines are a wonderful source of profits
with no risks to the drug companies since vaccine injuries are now
recompensed by the government.

The steady escalation in the number of vaccines administered has been
followed by an identical rise in the incidence of auto-immune diseases
(rheumatoid arthritis, subacute lupus erythematosus, psoriasis,
multiple sclerosis, asthma) seen in children. While there is a genetic
transmission of some of these diseases many are probably due to the
injury from foreign protein particles, mercury, aluminum, formaldehyde
and other toxic agents injected in vaccines.

In 1999, the rotavirus vaccine was recommended by the Center for
Disease Control for all infants. When this vaccine program was
instituted several infants died and many had life endangering bowel
obstructions. Prelicensure trials[15] of the rotavirus vaccine had
demonstrated an increased incidence of intussusception 30 times
greater than normal but the vaccine was released anyway without
special warnings to practitioners to be on the lookout for bowel
problems. Children's vaccines are often not studied for toxicity
possibly because such study might eliminate them from being used.

A large study from Australia showed that the risk of developing
encephalitis from the pertussis vaccine was 5 times greater than the
risk of developing encephalitis by contacting pertussis by natural

Naturally acquired immunity by illness evolves by spread of a virus
from the respiratory tract to the liver, thymus, spleen, and bone
marrow. When symptoms begin, the entire immune response has been
mobilized to repel the invading virus. This complex immune system
response creates antibodies that confer life long immunity against
that invading virus and prepares the child to respond promptly to an
infection by the same virus in the future.

Vaccination, in contrast, results in the persisting of live virus or
other foreign antigens within the cells of the body, a situation that
may provoke auto-immune reactions as the body attempts to destroy its
own infected cells. There is no surprise that the incidence of
auto-immune diseases (rheumatoid arthritis, subacute lupus
erythematosus, multiple sclerosis, asthma, psoriasis) has risen
sharply in this era of multiple vaccine immunization.

Vaccine Induced Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus

Dr. John Classen has published 29 articles on vaccine-induced[16]
diabetes. At least 8 of 10 children with Type 1 (insulin needing)
diabetes have this disease as a result of vaccination. These children
may have avoided measles, mumps, and whooping cough but they have
received something far worse: an illness that shortens life expectancy
by 10 to 15 years and results in a life requiring constant medical care.

Dr. Classen has shown in Finland, the introduction of hemophilus type
b vaccine caused three times as many cases of type 1 diabetes as the
number of deaths and brain damage from hemophilus influenza type b it
might have prevented.

In New Zealand, the incidence of Type 1 diabetes in children rose by
61 % after an aggressive vaccine program against hepatitis B.. This
same program has been started in the U.S.A. so we can now look forward
to many cases of Type 1 diabetes in children. Similar rises in Type 1
diabetes have been seen in England, Italy, Sweden, and Denmark after
immunization programs against Hepatitis B.

Toxic Substances Are Needed To Make Vaccines.

Vaccines contain many toxic substances that are needed to prevent the
vaccines from becoming infected or to improve the performance of the
vaccine. Among these substances are mercury, formaldehyde and

In the past 10 years, the number of autistic children has risen from
between 200 and 500 percent in every state in the U.S. This sharp rise
in autism followed the introduction of measles, mumps and rubella
vaccine in 1975.

Representative Dan Burton's healthy grandson was given injections for
9 diseases in one day. These injections were instantly followed by
autism. These injections contain a preservative of mercury called
thimerosal. The boy received 41 times the amount of mercury which is
capable of harm to the body. Mercury is a neurotoxin that can injure
the brain and nervous system. And tragically, it did.

In the United States the number of compulsory vaccine injections has
increased from 10 to 36 in the last 25 years. During this period,
there has been a simultaneous increase in the number of children
suffering learning disabilities and attention deficit disorder. Some
of these childhood disabilities are related to intrauterine cerebral
damage from maternal cocaine use, but probably vaccines cause many of
the others.

Many vaccines contain aluminum. A new disease called macrophagic
myofasciitis causes pain in muscles, bones and joints. All persons
with this disease have received aluminum containing vaccines. Deposits
of aluminum are able to remain as an irritant in tissues and disturb
the immune and nervous system for a lifetime.

Nearly all vaccines contain aluminum and mercury. These metals appear
to play an important role in the etiology of Alzheimer's Disease. An
expert at the 1997 International Vaccine Conference related that a
person who takes 5 or more annual flu vaccine shots has increased the
likelihood of developing Alzheimer's Disease by a factor of 10 over
the person who has had 2 or fewer flu shots.

When we take vaccines we are playing a modern version of Russian
Roulette. We not only get exposed to aluminum, mercury, formaldehyde
and foreign cell proteins but we may get simian virus 40 and other
dangerous viruses which can cause cancer, leukemia and other severe
health problems because the vaccine pool is contaminated due to
careless animal isolation techniques. Congress has protected the
manufacturers from lawsuits, so dangerous vaccines simply increase
profits at no risk to the drug companies.

U.S. children aged 2 months began receiving hepatitis B vaccine in
December 2000.No peer-reviewed studies of the safety of hepatitis B in
this age bracket had been done. Over 36,000 adverse reactions with 440
deaths were soon reported but the true incidence is much higher as
reporting is voluntary so only approximately 10 % of adverse reactions
get reported. This means that about 5000 infants are dying annually
from the hepatitis B vaccine. The CDC's Chief of Epidemiology admits
that the frequency of serious reactions to hepatitis B vaccine is 10
times higher than other vaccines. Hepatitis B is transmitted sexually
and by contaminated blood, so the incidence of this disease must be
near zero in this age bracket. A vaccine expert, Dr. Philip Incao,
states that "the conclusion is obvious that the risks[18] of hepatitis
B vaccination far outweigh the benefits. Once a vaccine is mandated
the vaccine manufacturer is no longer liable for adverse reactions.

Dr. W.B. Clarke's important observation that cancer was not found in
unvaccinated individuals demands an explanation and one now appears
forthcoming. All vaccines given over a short period of time to an
immature immune system deplete the thymus gland (the primary gland
involved in immune reactions) of irreplaceable immature immune cells.
Each of these cells could have multiplied and developed into an army
of valuable cells to combat infection and growth of abnormal cells.
When these immune cells have been used up, permanent immunity may not
appear. The Arthur Research Foundation in Tucson, Arizona estimates
that up to 60 % of our immune system may be exhausted[19] by multiple
mass vaccines (36 are now required for children). Only 10 % of immune
cells are permanently lost when a child is permitted to develop
natural immunity from disease. There needs to be grave concern about
these immune system injuring vaccinations! Could the persons who
approve these mass vaccinations know that they are impairing the
health of these children, many of whom are being doomed to requiring
much medical care in the future?

Compelling evidence is available that the development of the immune
system after contracting the usual childhood diseases matures and
renders it capable to fight infection and malignant cells in the future.

The use of multiple vaccines, which prevents natural immunity,
promotes the development of allergies and asthma. A New Zealand study
disclosed that 23 % of vaccinated children develop asthma , as
compared to zero in unvaccinated children.

Cancer was a very rare illness in the 1890's. This evidence about
immune system injury from vaccinating affords a plausible explanation
for Dr. Clarke's finding that only vaccinated individuals got cancer.
Some radical adverse change in health occurred in the early 1900s to
permit cancer to explode and vaccinating appears to be the reason.

Vaccines are an unnatural phenomena. My guess is that if enough
persons said no to immunizations there would be a striking improvement
in general health with nature back in the immunizing business instead
of man. Having a child vaccinated should be a choice not a
requirement. Medical and religious exemptions are permitted by most

When governmental policies require vaccinations before children enter
schools coercion has overruled the lack of evidence of vaccine
efficacy and safety. There is no proof that vaccines work and they are
never studied for safety before release. My opinion is that there is
overwhelming evidence that vaccines are dangerous and the only reason
for their existence is to increase profits of pharmaceutical firms.

If you are forced to immunize your children so they can enter school,
obtain a notarized statement from the director of the facility that
they will accept full financial responsibility for any adverse
reaction from the vaccine. Since there is at least a 2 percent risk of
a serious adverse reaction they may be smart enough to permit your
child to escape a dangerous procedure. Recent legislation passed by
Congress gives the government the power to imprison persons refusing
to take vaccines (smallpox, anthrax, etc). This would be troublesome
to enforce if large numbers of citizens declined to be vaccinated at
the same time.


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