Sunday, December 04, 2005

For IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Special Notice!

The ONLY Natural Cure for Disease in the human body IS the Human Body as it was Created. ALL Disease is merely a different level or degree of degeneration caused by certain deficiencies in elements, minerals and ability the human body once had available.

The Scientific Health Community provides the Indisputable Proof that the human body was Created PERFECTLY and if we but give back to the body that which it was intended to have when it was Created, in a form it can use, it Can and DOES heal itself. ~ ASH R #193888

A group of Scientific Health Researchers developed an association with other interested parties and advisors to research studies, findings and applications provided by renouned scientists and doctors.

Conclusion: Indisputable Facts are now available for public review. These facts include the underlying cause of disease and offer the solution which provides for disease free living.

"We understand the impact and loss of revenue this discovery will have on current medical professionals and the medical industry itself. To "do no harm", the association of researchers has developed a simple program which provides financial opportunities for medical professionals which will be effected by the loss." says Vickie Barker a co-founder of the group.

This information is vital to families and the financial opportunity is open to anyone with a desire to save lives and generate a good income from their home or office. We do not have employees therefore all researchers participate at independent levels. There is no limit on the amount of income that can be generated and any and all help is greatly appreciated.

This group is building an "Army of LifeSavers" and do hope that you will join in the right to good health.

For More Information: CLICK HERE for The Master Plan