Monday, March 21, 2011

Perfect Balance and Applied Logic

 Perfect Balance and Applied Logic

Perfect balance and applied logic In the beginning, the earth's atmosphere was 37% oxygen and humans manufactured their own supply of ascorbates. Now the atmosphere is 20% oxygen and, through a genetic fluke sometime in history, humans quit producing ascorbates.

Ascorbates introduce oxygen into the body which increases its alkalinity.
Oxygen is essential to metabolize food and create high energy; it is also impossible for cancer to exist in an alkaline, oxygen-rich environment.

Ascorbates are essential to keep the skin smooth and pliable. Similarly, ascorbates keep the artery walls smooth and pliable making it nearly impossible for heart disease to develop.

Scientists have simply shown us how to:

1) Supply the body with natural buffered mineral ascorbates to prevent and reverse cardiovascular disease.
2) Raise the body's alkalinity level to increase oxygen at the cellular level and eliminate cancer.
3) Correct hormonal imbalances to regulate blood sugar levels and reverse diabetes. As a result, energy and stamina are restored and weight loss becomes effortless.

As more people learn how to apply these three elemental principles to their daily healthcare regimens, chronic autoimmune diseases such as cancer, heart disease, MS, lupus and Parkinsons will no longer plague our society. Orthomolecular nutrition is the logical and safe way of returning the body to its original state of health-no cutting, no burning, no radiation and no drugs.

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